Almost All WannaCry Victims Were Running Windows 7

Recently, the ransomware attack dubbed “WannaCry” made global news as it spread across more than 150 countries, infecting hundreds of thousands of devices. A few things made this ransomware attack interesting, such as the operating system the majority of the victims were running.


5 Ways To Tell If Your Smart Device Has A Virus

While Androids may be more susceptible to viruses, Apple products are not impervious to attacks. The reality is that any smart device can be infected with a virus and users should take precaution when downloading apps or files. If your device has already been infected, there are a few ways to recognize the intrusion.

Why The WannaCry Ransomware Attack Should Serve As A Warning To Healthcare Organizations

In recent years we have been seeing a surge of cyberattacks in all industries, but one specifically is really feeling the heat. Due to the sensitive nature of their work, the healthcare industry is particularly susceptible to cyberattacks like ransomware. Ransomware is a form of malicious software that locks users out of their data and threatens to destroy the data if a ransom is not paid. Cybercriminals can not only make a profit by forcing a provider to pay for important files to be decrypted, but they stand to gain a political or socioeconomic upper hand by tarnishing the reputation of certain health organizations.

Worried About Web Privacy? A VPN Service Is The Answer

Internet Service Providers (ISP) are under scrutiny for mass-collecting web browsing data. The fear is that this personal data would be sold to advertisers. To keep your web browsing experience secure, you will need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service.

FBI Alert: Cybercriminals Targeting FTP Servers to Compromise Protected Health Information

The FBI’s recent Private Industry Notification warns medical and dental facilities of cybercriminals targeting file transfer protocol (FTP) servers operating in anonymous mode within their organizations. Healthcare providers are particularly susceptible to this type of attack, as hackers can steal protected health information (PHI) or personally identifiable information (PII) to intimidate, extort money, or ruin the reputation of business owners.

Apple, Andriod, and Samsung Smartphones Vulnerable to Malicious Wi-Fi Hacks

The Broadcom Wi-Fi chip found in Apple, Android, and Samsung smartphones are vulnerable to malicious hacks in wireless networks. This breach in platform security is disconcerting with the rise in cyberattacks for this year.

How To Improve Your Security Posture In The Cloud

As cyberattacks have recently grown in frequency, many organizations have been unprepared. The Ponemon Institutes’ 2016 Cyber Resilient Organization Study found that 53% of organizations said that they had at least one data breach involving 1,000+ records in the past two years.