5 Ways To Tell If Your Smart Device Has A Virus

While Androids may be more susceptible to viruses, Apple products are not impervious to attacks. The reality is that any smart device can be infected with a virus and users should take precaution when downloading apps or files. If your device has already been infected, there are a few ways to recognize the intrusion.

Sudden Increases in Data Usage

One of the first indicators that your phone or tablet has a virus are sudden surges in your data usage. Check your billing statement from your service provider and compare usage between months. If you notice spikes in your data compared to previous months, but haven’t changed any usage patterns, chances are your device is infected. Cybercriminals stand to make a profit from unsolicited clicks performed by infected devices. These tactics use up your bandwidth which should make it easy for you to spot the unauthorized data being consumed.

Crashing Apps

If you find that an app you regularly use crashes unexpectedly, this could be a sign that your smart device has a virus. Viruses interfere with your normal, everyday operations and your favorite apps crashing without explanation is common with smart device viruses.


While the occasional popup is normal and many websites include them, frequent popups can be a sign of a virus. It is a best practice to not click any popups, especially if you feel your device may be compromised. Virus-based pop-ups are usually intended to corrupt your device even further.

 Unwanted Apps

Did you notice an app on your phone you swear you didn’t download? Sometimes when you download one app that isn’t malicious, a slew of malicious apps come along with it. Keeping an eye on your apps list is a good idea so that you can easily recognize ones that appear without your knowledge.

Battery Drain

All of the above tactics take a lot of energy from your device, and rapid battery drain is another sure sign that your device has a virus. If you suddenly find your smart device’s battery can’t keep up with your normal daily usage, it’s likely your device has been infected with a virus.

Keeping these things in mind is useful in determining if your smart device has a virus. Remember that malicious apps can in fact live inside an official app store like Google Play. If you’re removing an app you suspect may be malicious, put your device in airplane mode first.  One of the best defenses against a virus is to restore your device to factory settings. Remember to backup documents, images, or contacts before doing so.