The Advantages of Private Cloud Compared to Public Cloud

Cloud provides unlimited storage and computing power to businesses. There are two different types of cloud that are commonly used, public and private. Deciding which the best for your organization is can be difficult. Before we discuss the advantages of private cloud, you should understand the differences between the two.


Guidelines for a Compliant Business Associate Agreement

There may be times when organizations in the healthcare industry need to use the services of other businesses to carry out certain functions. HIPAA regulations allow providers to disclose protected health information to these business associates. A written compliant contract between the business associate and the covered entity, known as a Business Associate Agreement, will… Continue reading Guidelines for a Compliant Business Associate Agreement

Debunking Common Cloud Myths

Cloud Hosting is an incredibly effective tool for businesses today. Companies of all sizes are able to take advantage of state of the art resources without the colossal expense of hardware and skillset investments. Unfortunately, the circulation of rumors about the cloud have scared many from utilizing this tool. Don’t allow some common myths about the cloud to slow you down or distract your business from progressing.

The Hosting Partner HIPAA Compliance Checklist

HIPAA compliance is vital in the Healthcare Industry. Beyond the hefty cost of a HIPAA violation, the irreversible damage to an organization’s reputation can be even more devastating. An escalating number of healthcare providers are turning to a Cloud Hosting Provider to take on the accountability of their compliance.

7 Requirements to look for in a HIPAA Compliant Hosting Partner

Are You at Risk of Being Fined Under HIPAA?

With fines ranging from $100 to $50,000 per violation it is important to frequently monitor your HIPAA compliance and keep your organization in check. There are three key reasons organizations are fined under HIPAA. The policies and procedures in place are either not enough to protect, or they are not being followed, the organization has not done a meaningful Risk Assessment and a Business Associate Agreement is not in place. When just one employee’s actions can result in a HIPAA violation, it is vital to reinforce and educate continuously.

7 Vital Benefits of Private Cloud

Cloud computing is quickly being adopted as a way for organizations to improve efficiency, enhance agility and decrease operational costs. In a 2011 survey of IT decision makers, International Data Corporation (IDC) indicated that 44% of IT decision makers were planning on implementing a private cloud into their organization