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As of June 23rd, 2017 the technology, security, compliance, and business strategy blogs have moved to the updated Crossroads Technologies website.


Is The Galaxy S8 Facial Recognition Feature Secure?

There is a flaw to the Samsung Galaxy S8 that is worrisome for end-users. After the Galaxy Note 7 battery issue, this latest Samsung offering has a lot to live up to. According to many reviewers it has exceeded expectations for the design and functionality, but not for security.

The Advantages of Private Cloud Compared to Public Cloud

Cloud provides unlimited storage and computing power to businesses. There are two different types of cloud that are commonly used, public and private. Deciding which the best for your organization is can be difficult. Before we discuss the advantages of private cloud, you should understand the differences between the two.

How To Develop An Enterprise Big Data Strategy

An enterprise Big Data strategy allow businesses to understand consumer behavior, decrease operational expenses, and increase ROI. Adopting this business strategy is difficult due to the sheer amount of data available. These numbers are expected to double every two years according to the 2012 study from the International Data Corporation.

The Tech Predictions For 2017 Series – Augmented Reality

Welcome back to the Tech Predictions for 2017 Series. Augmented Reality (AR) has been getting a lot of press lately. For that matter, so has Virtual Reality (VR), with the announcement of VR gaming systems at January’s Consumer Electronics Show and the release of programs using this technology. VR is a computer system that offers an immersive experience to the user – picture Star Trek’s Holodeck. On the other hand, AR is less understood, in spite of its vast potential to improve user experience and integrate technology with everyday life.

How To Choose A Successful IT Management Provider

Many businesses use IT Management, ITM, Providers to optimize their technology. According to the Forbes Report, The State of IT Service Management, 56% of executives have found that ITSM is key to their cloud computing and big data initiatives. Finding the right fit for your organization can be a difficult process.

Google Search Hacks

The Google search engine has become commonplace in nearly every American’s home, even entering our vernacular as a verb. We’ve all heard it in response to a question at some point – Google it. But Google is so much more than a search engine. Below you’ll find tips and tricks for using Google to make your life a little easier and perhaps even a little brighter.