Cybersecurity Threats To Watch For In 2017

It’s time to reflect on the past year and resolve to make the next one better. There has been an escalation of hacks in 2016 and it’s not going to end any time soon. In fact, cybersecurity threats are becoming more strategic at targeting businesses’ vulnerabilities. As technological developments continue to rapidly advance and the world becomes even more dependent on their devices, we forecast a significant increase of attacks in 2017. Predicting cybersecurity threats for 2017 involves tracking and analyzing this past year’s major attacks as well as anticipating new and evolving threats. New Year’s resolutions are often broken by mid-February but ones that businesses can’t afford to break are those involving cybersecurity. With 2016 quickly ending, we’ve broke down the top cybersecurity threats you need to prepare for in 2017.


We saw an increase of ransomware attacks in 2016 and this number is only going to rise in 2017. Ransomware is a quick and easy payout for hackers, which motivates them to adapt attacks to combat with the development of heightened security measures. It can come down to back up or pay up. Businesses should consider backing up their data in the cloud to avoid having to pay these ransoms in hopes to retrieve it.

 DDoS on Internet of Things

Vulnerabilities within IoT devices will cause an increase in distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Companies will need to add or increase security layers on connected devices. Adding biometric security features like fingerprint scanning to access personal devices, can deliver a more secure 2017.

 Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are one of the oldest cyber threats, but as technology evolves so do the hackers launching these scams. Users should pay close attention to scams disguised as advertisements or even emails from reputable companies asking for password changes as well as notifications of profile updates requiring you to log on.

 Targeting Healthcare

As the healthcare industry continues to transition from paper to electronic medical records and smart medical devices, we witnessed a surge of attacks in 2016. The cybersecurity threat of a breach is accompanied by the risk of being fined under HIPAA. Threats are set to rise in 2017 and healthcare providers will need to invest in elevated security measures and properly train employees.

 Vulnerability of Connected Cars

Autonomous vehicles are right around the corner but with our connected cars we are one step closer. Hackers can gain access to a vehicle through its entertainment system. This not only leaves personal data vulnerable, but causes massive safety concerns due to hackers’ ability to control the vehicle’s mechanics; forcing stops or engine malfunctions.

As technology grows, those trying to abuse it will follow. It is in the best interest of any business to adapt to the necessary cybersecurity measures needed to survive. Make sure you are prepared for the cybersecurity threats of 2017.

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