Are You at Risk of Being Fined Under HIPAA?

With fines ranging from $100 to $50,000 per violation it is important to frequently monitor your HIPAA compliance and keep your organization in check. There are three key reasons organizations are fined under HIPAA. The policies and procedures in place are either not enough to protect, or they are not being followed, the organization has not done a meaningful Risk Assessment and a Business Associate Agreement is not in place. When just one employee’s actions can result in a HIPAA violation, it is vital to reinforce and educate continuously.


Your IT Department Shouldn’t Feel Threatened by Outsourcing the Helpdesk

The majority of businesses today rely heavily on technology, which requires a level of support that can rapidly resolve problems. Many still choose to manage their own IT support internally, but there is an increasing amount of businesses looking for an alternative. Outsourcing adds a team of representatives, which eases your end users frustration and your current IT staff’s workload. The benefits of outsourcing can be concerning to those currently working within an internal IT department. “Will I have a job if they choose to outsource?” is something we hear frequently. Many IT professionals find themselves feeling threatened by the idea of another company coming in to “do their job.” Truth is, in most cases, companies will choose to keep their current employees but rather than extending the department with new employees they will allocate funds to outsourcing.

Small Businesses Leveraging the Cloud at an All Time High

Small businesses are moving to cloud storage at an all-time high in 2016. The majority of all startup companies born in 2016 have entered the “Cloud Generation,” while established small businesses continue to migrate. Hosting your own IT is a variable cost that fluctuates monthly hurting profit margins. Leveraging the cloud, a fixed cost solution, enables small businesses to significantly reduce their operating costs. Beyond cost, cybersecurity and eliminating downtime are also major reasons why cloud hosting is the most cost-effective measure a small business can make when it comes to their IT.

Cybersecurity: From the Break Room to the Boardroom

Every employee plays a vital role when it comes to cybersecurity within their organization. A simple opening of an attachment in an email from an unknown sender can corrupt your entire infrastructure. An unlocked computer can become an easy access point for valuable company information. Improper downloading of software online can welcome malicious malware into your network. Whether an employee is on their cell phone in the break room or using their laptop in the boardroom these simple user errors can end up costing your organization big time.

You Might Be A Techie If…

Your MacBook is running virtualized Windows or if the last thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “Cloud” is the puffy white things in the sky. October 3rd was National Techie Day and with recent TV shows and movies fantasizing computer hacking, being a “Techie” has become quite the fad. It has also muddied the water of what a true Techie is. Here Are Some True Techie Identifiers: