How To Improve Healthcare BYOD And HIPAA Compliance

Many companies are taking advantage of Bring Your Own Device, BYOD, solutions. The benefits are two-fold; increased staff productivity and reducing expenses by eliminating the need to provide your employees with company-owned devices.


Identifying And Avoiding Phishing Scams

Every day there are said to be some 205 billion emails sent worldwide. While this staggering number does encompass emails containing valuable information or correspondence, it also includes a significant number of spam emails. Receiving spam emails can expose your organization to a variety of risks. Education of your employees is one of the most crucial parts of your business’ cybersecurity plan. We have five recommendations that you can start using today to make identifying phishing scams easy.

Why You Should Be Investing In Employee Development

A well-trained and self-assured employee is going to do better work for you. Yet some employers have a hard time viewing employee development programs as anything but a waste of time or money. However, investing in the further education of your employees actually pays off in the long run. We’ve outlined three reasons why investing in the future of your employees through continuing education and training is an important and profitable decision for your business.

Why Outsourcing the Helpdesk May Save the CIO’s Job

Chief Information Officers have found that outsourcing the help desk allows for them to cut costs and increase productivity. Satisfying customers and budget needs can be devastating to a CIO’s career. Running a 24/7 help desk absorbs equitable resouces. Instead, why not free up your IT team to work on revenue generating projects and outsource the help desk?

Are You Prepared To Face A HIPAA Audit?

In the year 2017, the Department of Health and Human Services made over 5,000 HIPAA audits which resulted in the earnings of 56 billion dollars. The HHS is thought to only increase the number of audits under the current administration. Is your organization prepared for an inevitable HIPAA audit? The majority of organizations are not ready for this extensive audit, which can cost millions of dollars in fines.

Am I Paranoid Enough?

You check for card skimmers every time you stop at an ATM or gas pump. You cover up your webcam with tape. You may be asking yourself if you’re too paranoid, but really- are you paranoid enough? In today’s world, it never hurts to be too paranoid when it comes to cybersecurity. Cybercrimes have been on a steady rise in the recent years and show no signs of slowing. It is estimated that by 2019, the global cost of cybercrime will reach an estimated $2 trillion, a three-fold increase from the estimates of 2015.

IRS Warns Businesses of W-2 Phishing Scams

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued a pressing warning this tax season to businesses across the country urging all to be on the lookout for W-2 phishing scams. While previously scammers were targeting for-profit businesses, initially seen last year, they’ve now increased their spread by going after school districts and non-profit organizations.