You Might Be A Techie If…

Your MacBook is running virtualized Windows or if the last thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “Cloud” is the puffy white things in the sky.You Might Be a Techie Windows Virtualized on MacBook

October 3rd was National Techie Day and with recent TV shows and movies fantasizing computer hacking, being a “Techie” has become quite the fad. It has also muddied the water of what a true Techie is.

Here Are Some True Techie Identifiers:

You Might Be a Techie If You Shop At Micro CenterWhen you need, let’s be honest want, a new computer you would rather drive an extra hour to a Micro Center than to the BestBuy around the corner. Also accidentally spending almost an entire day there happens more often than you would like to admit.

You Might Be a Techie If you wait in Line for Newest GadgetsCamping out for 24+ hours for the latest gadgets even in freezing temperatures is something you don’t think twice about doing. Even though you will end up keeping the old version just in case because its value to you is higher than its trade-in value.

You Might Be A Techie If You Only PC GameYou know all the specs about the new gaming consoles about to launch in the market but will still end up playing that game on the PC you built.

You Might be a techie if you disassemble to understandYou have the ability to fix anything that is broken within 20 feet of you at all times because as a kid you were constantly taking things apart just to see how it worked. And still do.

You Might Be a Techie Samsung Vs iPhoneWhen it comes to the great debate of which is better: Samsung vs. iPhone, you’ve done your research. But if you’re a real techie you know which side is the right one.

You Might be a Techie if Bi-lingual means English and HTMLIf being bi-lingual to you means speaking English and HTML, you might be a Techie.

You Might Be A Techie If You Have 3+ MonitorsIf you feel having to deal with a single monitor is considered harsh working conditions, you might be a Techie. Realistically having two monitors sometimes isn’t enough.

You Might Be a Techie If You Have Office HoursAre you bombarded with questions every time someone you know has a virus on their computer? Well you might be a Techie if you respond to them with your office hours.

According to the dictionary a “Techie” is a person who is an expert or is enthusiastic about technology, especially computing. Working in the IT field as a Software Developer, Networking Admin, Help Desk Analyst, or even the CIO of your company fills your day with technology but that does not mean you’re a techie at heart. If you really are one, you’ve invested significant time into your technology addiction and know it goes much deeper than that.

At Crossroads, our offices are filled with the best of breed Techies and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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