Solving Pain Points of Cloud Partnerships [On-Demand Webinar]

Solving Pain Points of Cloud Partnerships On Demand Webinar Watch Now

On September 27th we hosted Solving Pain Points of Cloud Partnerships Webinar featuring insights from Cloud Partner Experts which is now available on demand.

Expect to gain insights from this webinar on how to specifically resolve these three pain points caused by cloud vendors:

Trust: Has your Cloud Partner gone behind your back to take a customer or used strong armed tactics to push your customer to their cloud? Have you ever feared losing an opportunity to another reseller?

Lack of Control: Are you tired of having limited to no control to support your cloud offering? Are you restricted by having to pay extra for a support plan?

Lack of Predictability: Does your profit margin fluctuate monthly due to inconsistent utility basis billing from your partner? Are you faced with unexpected fees?

We provide partners with the opportunity to add a new stream of revenue to their portfolio by reselling our world-class Cloud solutions without sacrificing trust, control and predictability.

Give us just 25 minutes of your time and we guarantee you will look at cloud partnerships differently.

Let’s be 100% honest: We do offer many of the same solutions you provide but we’ve been in your shoes for over 20 years and have felt your pain.

Large IT Partners have stolen our opportunities either directly or passed them to another partner. They’ve limited our control and forced our hand to conform to their demands. We’ve faced inflated fluctuating billing from our partners which hurt our profit margin.

Whether you are currently partnered with one of the large cloud vendors in the market or have yet to venture into the market you might have felt these pain points.

We’ve invested in our commitment to be the provider that is there for you and has built the trust to prove it.

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