Is The Galaxy S8 Facial Recognition Feature Secure?

There is a flaw to the Samsung Galaxy S8 that is worrisome for end-users. After the Galaxy Note 7 battery issue, this latest Samsung offering has a lot to live up to. According to many reviewers it has exceeded expectations for the design and functionality, but not for security.


The Digital Wallet Takeover: The Tech Predictions for 2017 Series

In this episode of our Tech Predictions for 2017 Series, we take a closer look at financial technology from how digital wallets work to how hosting institutions keep your information secure and what you can do to further protect your information. If the term “digital (or virtual) wallet” sounds unfamiliar, it is still very likely you’ve heard of Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, the two applications leading the digital wallet market. The premise is simple: input your credit card or bank account information to your phone, and when the phone is presented to a device that accepts this form of payment, your account is debited, no cash or card required. As convenient as this sounds by cutting the number of cards and the amount of cash you carry, many consumers are reluctant to adopt this new technology, mostly due to security concerns.