Satya Nadella’s Advice On Leadership

Satya Nadella was selected as CEO of Microsoft in February of 2014, and since then he has brought about tremendous changes. Not only has he created success in many unexpected ways for the company, but he’s recreated Microsoft for its employees. They went from feeling pressured to compete with one another to feeling valued and unified, working to empower all towards innovation. So what is it about Nadella that makes them want to follow him?


Leadership Practices That Inspire Others

Leadership is an important function of management. The motivational tactic of dangling a carrot on a stick is no longer as effective as it once was. Leaders need to learn to inspire others. The ability to motivate your employees helps to complete tasks but by inspiring them you will see organizational goals exceeded.

How To Develop An Enterprise Big Data Strategy

An enterprise Big Data strategy allow businesses to understand consumer behavior, decrease operational expenses, and increase ROI. Adopting this business strategy is difficult due to the sheer amount of data available. These numbers are expected to double every two years according to the 2012 study from the International Data Corporation.

How To Avoid Burnout In The Workplace

What is burnout? Many of us are familiar with this psychological response to constant stress. Burnout is the point of complete physical or emotional exhaustion, often due to prolonged occupational difficulties. Merriam-Webster provides an interesting and more technical perspective of burnout. It defines it as, “the time when a jet or rocket engine stops working because there is no more fuel available.”

How Training Your Employees To Recognize Business Email Compromise Could Save Your Company

Cybercriminals are becoming extremely skilled at business email compromise (BEC) – sometimes referred to as CEO Fraud – making it crucial that your employees are aware of how to detect and avoid email fraud. BEC by definition is a highly sophisticated scam targeting businesses which work with foreign suppliers or businesses for whom wire transfers are commonplace.

The 2017 Amendment of Tennessee Data Breach Notification Law

This April, Governor Bill Haslam signed into law an amendment to Tennessee’s Encryption Safe Harbor Statue. The encryption safe harbor allows for the nondisclosure of encrypted data incidents, so long as the information was not accessed. The amendment to the statute requires that any organization with a data breach that could potentially expose unencrypted personal information, or where there is access to the encryption key, to submit a notification.

What Niklas Zennstrom Has Learned About Entrepreneurship

“Entrepreneurs are by nature curious people,” Niklas Zennstrom told Foreign Affairs Magazine. The incredibly prosperous co-founder of Skype has learned a number of things about entrepreneurship, including what qualities are necessary in order to be successful. The 51-year-old Swedish founder is a role model in the tech industry because of his goal for technology to permeate all of society. While he acknowledges the enormous advantages Silicon Valley presents for start-up companies, Zennstrom states: “Talent can pop up anywhere in the world, it’s not just on one city block.” Below are a few of his suggestions that are conducive to starting a successful business.