4 Simple & Inexpensive Cybersecurity Tips

Cybersecurity is one of the largest threats an organization will face when it comes to the safety of their data. IBM recently sponsored the 11th Annual Cost of Data Breach Study conducted by the Ponemon Institute.  In their research they’ve found the average consolidated overall cost of a cybersecurity breach has risen to $4 million.  No matter… Continue reading 4 Simple & Inexpensive Cybersecurity Tips

5 Signs You’re In A One-Sided Cloud Partnership

A true partnership is hard to find and a large portion of cloud resellers find themselves settling for one of the major corporations in the marketplace. Whether you are currently reselling or have your hesitation about jumping into a partnership there are some sacrifices they expect you to make. Major cloud vendors hold 100% control in their partnerships while their resellers just have to deal with it. This is just unacceptable, a partnership should further your success and not limit it. Here are 5 signs you’re in a one-sided relationship with your cloud partner.

Cybersecurity Insurance–Is It Enough?

As awareness levels are raised regarding cybercrime and data security, especially with the recent surge in ransomware attacks, cyber ransom liability insurance has really taken off, according to a recent article by Jessica Davis on HealthcareITNews. It makes sense, considering that a recent survey revealed that the average cost of healthcare organization data per stolen… Continue reading Cybersecurity Insurance–Is It Enough?

“Assume every website has been hacked…”!

Data security is one of today’s top challenges for just about any company that collects sensitive information from its customers. Whether it’s private health information governed by HIPAA, or credit card data that falls under the PCI standards, the data stored electronically must be secured to keep it out of the hands of would-be identity thieves with less-than-honorable intentions.

No “Apple Outages” with Crossroads Cloud

Last week, CRN reported that a widespread outage hit the Apple Cloud, bringing down some of the tech giant’s widely-used retail and backup services. Clients of Apple reported that the outage hindered their ability to provide Apple-based devices and services to their customers for a period of time, with one customer even comparing the service… Continue reading No “Apple Outages” with Crossroads Cloud

Concerned With Compliance?

At Crossroads, we’re always trying to stay one step ahead of our clients and their needs. By focusing our awareness on current industry trends and issues, we can more fully assess the current and future needs of those we serve. Most recently, one issue we’ve seen deals with random checks from the Department of Health… Continue reading Concerned With Compliance?

The Why

In a TED Talk presentation by Simon Sinek, Apple’s marketing techniques are dissected. Sinek used a three-tier model to study the way the human brain processes information, and more importantly, marketing messages. This example teaches how to form an emotional connection with customers, and in turn, cultivate relationships with them. Sinek says “The goal isn’t… Continue reading The Why