How To Choose A Successful IT Management Provider

Many businesses use IT Management, ITM, Providers to optimize their technology. According to the Forbes Report, The State of IT Service Management, 56% of executives have found that ITSM is key to their cloud computing and big data initiatives. Finding the right fit for your organization can be a difficult process.

Today, ITM Providers can do more than operate your helpdesk. An enterprise-centric ITM Provider will offer a full Information Technology Infrastructure Library, ITIL. ITIL encompasses all IT department services including design, strategy, deployment, operations, and improvement.

The difference between enterprise-centric and traditional ITSM Provider is their level of service. Helpdesk support is the primary offering from the traditional ITSM Provider. Many traditional IT Providers do not offer a complete IT solution according to enterprise needs.

An enterprise-centric ITM will boost productivity and help to cut operational expenses. To help you choose a provider we’ve compiled a few characteristics of a successful ITSM below:

Compliance Experts

Compliance to industry and region specific regulations are crucial to your success. To ensure that data is secure, your ITSM Provider should be compliant. For example, HIPAA and HITRUST are the compliance standards to look for when researching a provider in the healthcare industry.

White Glove Support

Experienced professionals are key to a successful helpdesk. When considering an ITSM Provider, make sure their technicians are well-versed in your applications. Support should be offered without any lapses in service. It is also important to ensure that they offer options for support that is remote, onsite, or a hybrid of the two.

Customized Management Solutions

The true test of an ITM Provider is whether they are willing to customize according to your needs. At Crossroads we go so far as to offer a complete IT Services Solution. Our strategic IT Management Solution goes beyond taking IT off of your hands, we become your IT department. This is philosophy of custom care sets apart enterprise-centric providers.

Enterprise First Philosophy

An enterprise-centric provider will offer continuous IT growth consultations as a part of their all-inclusive solution. If the ITSM Provider nickels and dimes you for their services, they are utilizing a traditional IT management model.

An enterprise-centric ITSM Provider improves operational efficiency and employee productivity. In fact, 49% of executives reported cost savings in their business after utilizing an advanced ITM Provider according to, The State of IT Service Management.

Crossroads manages, maintains, and supports your entire IT infrastructure with an enterprise-centric philosophy. Contact us below to find out more about our IT Management solutions.