Google Search Hacks

The Google search engine has become commonplace in nearly every American’s home, even entering our vernacular as a verb. We’ve all heard it in response to a question at some point – Google it. But Google is so much more than a search engine. Below you’ll find tips and tricks for using Google to make your life a little easier and perhaps even a little brighter.

Google Search Hacks - Time Zone Search

Get Time in a Different Time Zone

Are you a CEO planning a trip overseas and need to calculate how far ahead or behind you’ll be? Or maybe you’re a Director of Sales on the East Coast waiting for Washington to wake up so you can start logging calls. Either way Google makes it easy to find out the time anywhere in the world by typing “Time in [City]” into the search bar.

Google Search Hacks - Customer Service

Get a Customer Service Number

Do you need to contact your electric utility company? Are you having technical difficulties with your mobile phone? Save time by searching for “Customer Service Number [Company Name]” in the Google search bar. If the company lists their customer service number, Google will display it without the aggravation of having to search through an entire website.

Google Search Hacks - Set Timer

Set a Timer

Google makes it very convenient for you to set timers for yourself while you have a browser open. This function is convenient for setting break times throughout your work day. Do you have trouble staying off of social media or checking your email too often? Set a timer for yourself to take breaks at appropriate times throughout the day. Simply type “Set timer for 10 minutes” or however long you may need.

Google Search Hacks - Calculator

Perform Calculations

Every so often while browsing the web you might find yourself in need of a calculator. Rather than searching for one you can type your equation into the search bar and Google will display your answer along with a handy calculator making it convenient for further calculations.

Google Search Hacks - Flight Information

Get Flight Information

Checking your flight times has become incredibly easy. Search your flight number and airline and your arrival and departure times will be clearly indicated. Any delays or cancellations will also be displayed.

Google Search Hacks - Calculate Tip

Determine Appropriate Tip

Don’t struggle to figure out an appropriate tip for your server. Type “Calculate Tip [Bill Total]” and a standard 15% tip suggestion will appear. You can also adjust the tip percentage and number of persons on the bill.

Google Search Hacks - Define

Define a Word

Skip the dictionary websites, and does anyone even own a physical dictionary anymore? Simply type “Define [the word you want to define]” and search. The definition you’re looking for will automatically appear.

Google Search Hacks - Flip A Coin

Flip a Coin

Can’t agree on something at work, but no one has loose change anymore because it’s 2017 and everyone at the office uses their phone to pay for things? Type “Flip Coin” into the search bar and let Google decide for you!

Google Search Hacks - Currency

 Convert Different Units of Currency

Are you planning an international business trip and need to determine an exchange rate quickly? Simply type and search in Google “35 USD to [Destination].” Google will display the converted rate and make it easier for you to adjust the amounts or dollar origins.

Take a Break

Do you just need a break or something to brighten your day? Google search “Do a Barrel Roll” or Google image search “Atari breakout” and you’re sure to crack a smile.