Why Outsourcing the Helpdesk May Save the CIO’s Job

Chief Information Officers have found that outsourcing the helpdesk allows for them to cut costs and increase productivity. Satisfying customers and budget needs can be devastating to a CIO’s career. Running a 24/7 helpdesk absorbs equitable resources. Instead, why not free up your IT team to work on revenue generating projects and outsource the helpdesk?

Outsourcing the helpdesk saves the Chief Information Officer’s job so that they can focus on their core business functions instead of endless support management. An outsourced helpdesk adds so much value to an organization such as:

Support Availability

Not having a 24/7 help line can lead to complaints, frustrated customers, and potentially lost sales. An outsourced helpdesk allows for your customers to get support no matter the time of day without having to pay overtime to your own employees.

Outsourcing is cheaper as it also makes use of remote access to take control of a computer or account. This instantaneous option no longer has to account for travel, labor, and materials for a solution for your users. So, your customer gets a faster solution and you can offer it at a lower cost than what your company could offer internally.

Experienced Support Team

Helpdesk organizations will offer highly skilled agents to meet your customers with their answers right away. The best helpdesk companies will offer a “no-escalation” level of service where your customers, or even internal staff, can connect with one person who will see their issue resolved from the beginning to the end without escalating the issue within the department.

This level of service that you can offer at a much lower rate is a great benefit for driving customer satisfaction and thusly future sales.


Many outsourced helpdesks offer a set monthly cost that is far cheaper than any in-house solution. Maintaining a helpdesk team through the hiring, retention, and benefits cycle can be costly. Another consideration to make is that the IT support position has a high turn-over rate. Instead of spending the majority of your time and resources managing in-house, let the experts take care of it.

Investing in an outsourced helpdesk can greatly simplify the Chief Information Officer’s job so that instead of putting out fires, they can be spearheading new ideas to generate revenue and cut costs for your organization.

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