5 Ways To Stay Productive In The Workplace

Everyone gets distracted from time to time and loses focus. Some people even find their motivation declines throughout the winter months. If you feel like you have trouble staying focused at work there are a few things you can do to increase your concentration. We’ve outlined five ways to stay productive in the workplace.

 Organize Your Workplace

Set aside time once a month to quickly and efficiently declutter your workspace. Free up drawer space to designate for objects that would otherwise stay on your desk. Keeping the items on your desk to a minimum will also keep your distractions to a minimum.

If your cables have gotten out of control take the time to sort them. Investing in a few dollars for zip ties or cord wraps will go a long way towards keeping your workspace organized.

Drink Plenty of Water

 Some studies have shown that drinking your recommended daily intake of water can also increase productivity. After increasing their water consumption and monitoring improvements many people have said that their concentration improved and they skipped their usual afternoon slump.

Be Comfortable

 Make sure you choose the right chair and are positioned correctly in front of your desk. You’ll lose valuable time if you’re distracted with discomfort. Be sure the way you’re sitting is ergonomically correct. Adjust your monitor so that you can work for long stretches of time without feeling strain on your neck or eyes.

Make Lists

 Use a physical, hand-written to-do list and keep it close by your keyboard. By keeping your lists off your phone or computer you reduce your risk of being distracted by other things like social media or email. Prioritize your tasks and include the most difficult tasks within the first hour. Cross out items as you complete them to give yourself a sense of accomplishment.

Take Breaks

 One of the number one ways to increase your workplace productivity is to take breaks, but make sure these breaks are scheduled, planned breaks. Detaching from your work space periodically can be a way to recharge and come back to a task more mentally alert. On the other hand however, be sure not to take too many breaks, as this can also decrease your productivity. Find the right balance for you.

Whether you lose focus in the afternoon or you lose focus in February, don’t worry, it’s normal. Use these simple tips as a guide to staying focused and increase your productivity at the office.

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