Why Your Organization Should Be Using Skype for Business

Microsoft Skype for Business, formerly known as Lync, is a communication platform that provides instant messaging, voice calls, video calls, online meetings and other useful tools for a more efficient form of peer-to-peer business communication. From increasing employee productivity to saving on travel expenses, Skype for Business is an essential tool for any organization looking to optimize collaboration and reduce operational expenditures.

Increase Employee Productivity

 Without an interoffice communication platform, your options are limited when you need to speak with a colleague. Beyond physically having to get up from your desk and go to them, you can take the risk of interrupting them with a phone call. You could always send an email, but  if they only check their email at certain points in the day, you have to wait for an answer.

With Skype for Business you are able to see when your coworkers are available, busy, in a call or in a meeting. Allowing you to pick the best time to send a quick instant message. Your employees may even find that it increases their productivity to be able to communicate with one another in a less interruptive manner. After all not every question or conversation warrants a phone call or formal email; instant messaging is a great solution to this.

Online Training

 Skype for Business gives you the ability to share your screen with one or more users and even lets you remotely access another users device. This screen sharing feature allows you to easily train employees without them having to meet in one central location and/or leave their work devices. By “presenting” or sharing your screen you can share lectures, videos, PowerPoint presentations and more.

Save on Travel Expenses

 Do you have offices in more than one location? Save on travel expenses by moving those quarterly meetings online via Skype for Business. Meet with multiple people and see their video screens in a gallery view. Your meetings can be recorded as well, so no one misses out on any important information.

Skype for Business enhances the way you can communicate in your office environment. Not only can you save on travel expenses by holding meetings online, but Skype for Business can increase your staff’s productivity through a more instant and less interruptive way of communicating.

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