Strategies For Getting Yourself Promoted

Do you feel it’s time for you to climb the corporate ladder? If it seems the progression in your career isn’t at the speed you anticipated, it may be time to internalize these simple but effective tips. In this day and age, simply doing good work will not be enough to get you noticed. Employees have to build and manage their own career paths. So let’s take charge and make it happen.

Maximize Your Value

Do more than just your job description without being asked to. Taking on more responsibilities shows your genuine interest in the organization and your desire to assist those above you.

Stand Out

How you carry yourself can have a large impact on your getting promoted. Make sure you’re dressing and acting like the professional you want to be known as. Put your best foot forward every day.

Build Your Network

Put yourself out there and make connections with those above you. Mentors can be great sources for career guidance. They may even come in handy in spreading a good word about you. Make sure your boss is a key supporter when you’re reaching out for a promotion as well. Building your network expands the exposure of your strengths and abilities.

Keep Detailed Records

By keeping track of your past accomplishments, you will be able to make a good case for why you should be promoted. Highlight things that showcase you’re commitment to the company. Recording things like client feedback, completed projects, and overall achievements can largely illustrate your eligibility for being promoted.

Be a Team Player

Make sure when pointing out successes to share them with your colleagues. Helping others to succeed shows self-confidence and a strong sense of leadership. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge failures, but be careful not to pin the blame on someone else when it occurs.

Continue to Grow

Expanding your knowledge and acquiring new skills in areas the organization needs will keep you relevant. Stay up to date with the industry’s news and pay attention to trends. Taking a careful look at those being promoted around you can also help you to identify patterns.

Think Big Picture

Working to enhance your company’s business strategy shows you think in broader terms. Find and suggest ways to cut operational costs and increase profit margins. Things such as outsourcing your helpdesk and other IT services can reduce costs and increase productivity, building momentum in the company and strengthening your reputation.

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