Debunking Common Cloud Myths

Cloud Hosting is an incredibly effective tool for businesses today. Companies of all sizes are able to take advantage of state of the art resources without the colossal expense of hardware and skillset investments. Unfortunately, the circulation of rumors about the cloud have scared many from utilizing this tool. Don’t allow some common myths about the cloud to slow you down or distract your business from progressing.

Myth: Where Your Data Resides in the Cloud is Out of Your Control

 Fact: Businesses can carefully choose from cloud providers that work with specific data centers. This means you are fully aware of the geographical location of your data. Industries with high-security concerns can also make use of a private cloud strategy on their own terms, which would provide them with direct control over their data 24/7/365.

Myth: You Can’t Meet Compliance Requirements on the Cloud

 Fact: Compliance is a major concern for many businesses. Although with careful consideration of cloud providers, compliance can actually become a lighter load. To ensure that your data is secure and available, look for a provider that adheres to structured security processes. Meeting compliance standards is dependent on the capabilities of your provider, so find one that is compliant to your needs.

Myth: The Cloud is Not as Secure as an On-Premises Infrastructure

 Fact: All forms of infrastructure are only as secure as the lengths gone to in order to protect them. Most often, though, it is actually easier for cloud service providers to invest in strong security measures because it is directly related to their business. With multi-layer security in place protecting your data from physical and cyber threats as well as their extensive industry experience, a cloud solution is the most strategic option for securing your data.

With meticulous consideration of cloud providers, you can relieve yourself of these three common cloud myths. Carefully analyzing the needs of your company will help you to make an informed decision when choosing the right cloud hosting provider for your business. Keep in mind that enforcing security measures does not just come in to play with the cloud. There are simple steps your employees can follow to increase your security now.

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