Your IT Department Shouldn’t Feel Threatened by Outsourcing the Helpdesk

The majority of businesses today rely heavily on technology, which requires a level of support that can rapidly resolve problems. Many still choose to manage their own IT support internally, but there is an increasing amount of businesses looking for an alternative. Outsourcing adds a team of representatives, which eases your end users frustration and your current IT staff’s workload. The benefits of outsourcing can be concerning to those currently working within an internal IT department. “Will I have a job if they choose to outsource?” is something we hear frequently. Many IT professionals find themselves feeling threatened by the idea of another company coming in to “do their job.” Truth is, in most cases, companies will choose to keep their current employees but rather than extending the department with new employees they will allocate funds to outsourcing.

Depending on the size of the business many companies only have a handful of employees in their IT department and sometimes only one or two. When a company is not heavily invested in their IT staff the idea of outsourcing their helpdesk leaves those few in that department worried. Occasionally, current IT staff will try to deter their company for entering into partnership with an IT company because of the concern for their job. By adding an outsourced helpdesk, your current IT staff is able to focus on resolving issues that require an onsite technician. Many companies feel there is and will always be a need for onsite IT staff. Outsourcing of course could eliminate the need for that but there is a true value to adding an outsourced helpdesk to a current IT department. Outsourcing a helpdesk reduces operating costs, improves response times, reduces repeat calls, offers the benefit of industry experts, and enables your business to focus on its core functions.

If you are a member of an IT department, outsourcing your helpdesk can allow you to refocus your time on more technical projects rather than figuring out why Mary in Accounting’s printer isn’t working again. Outsourcing also improves support outside of normal business hours. Right now if you are one of the few people in the department, you probably find your work phone ringing off the hook after hours. By outsourcing you will eliminate the 2 am weekday and Saturday afternoon work calls.

We’ve heard many concerns over the last 20 years from current employees worried about their role when their company is considering outsourcing. But one thing we have heard even more, is how beneficial it has been to alleviate their workload and having the time to focus on their core IT functions after they have outsourced their helpdesk. There is always risk with any change within an organization but the risk of outsourcing the helpdesk will always be worth it.

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