5 Signs You’re In A One-Sided Cloud Partnership

A true partnership is hard to find and a large portion of cloud resellers find themselves settling for one of the major corporations in the marketplace. Whether you are currently reselling or have your hesitation about jumping into a partnership there are some sacrifices they expect you to make. Major cloud vendors hold 100% control in their partnerships while their resellers just have to deal with it. This is just unacceptable, a partnership should further your success and not limit it. Here are 5 signs you’re in a one-sided relationship with your cloud partner.

 Your partner has complete control.

Have you ever felt like you’ve taken a back seat to your cloud partner? Many times resellers have been put in a position where they are no longer in the driver seat with their clients.  Cloud Resellers are there to provide value and as soon as you lose control of the solution that you are providing to your clients you begin to eat into the value that you provide.

You have a hard time trusting your cloud partner.

Have you ever dreaded registering a deal in fear that the opportunity might be stolen by another reseller? Has a large IT vendor ever stolen a customer directly from you or used strong armed tactics to push your customers to their cloud? Partners should respect each other’s customer relationships and contract to never contact or market to them.

The amount of attention you receive is based on how much you are willing to pay.

Large Cloud Partners expect you to always be reselling their cloud but when you need support they are only available if you’ve paid for it. The more you pay the higher level of support and attention you receive. You might have found yourself being treated differently based on the level you hold with your cloud partner. If you are in a mutually beneficial partnership and not a one-sided partnership you should not have to pay for their attention.

Your profit margin is hindered by fluctuating monthly billing.

Do you have a fixed cost from your cloud partner or are you being charged unexpected fees? Current offerings available can be quite costly. On top of their high prices, the current levels are on a utility basis cost structure. You will pay for what you use but at a higher price which is subject to change monthly. Unless you pass the cost to your customer, which could end up losing you that customer, you will have to absorb the price difference into your bottom line.

 You’re tired of doing all the giving.

Are you growing frustrated with your lack or control, trust and predictability? Do you find yourself making excuses for your cloud partner’s behavior? They are a huge corporation they can do these things because I don’t have any other options, right? Wrong.

Large Cloud Partners hide behind their brand name because they are well known and resonate with your customers, but require their partners to surrender to their terms. If any of these signs sound familiar to you, chances are you’re in a one-sided cloud reseller partnership. Maybe it’s time to break it off, because lets me honest it isn’t you, it’s them.

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