The Why

In a TED Talk presentation by Simon Sinek, Apple’s marketing techniques are dissected. Sinek used a three-tier model to study the way the human brain processes information, and more importantly, marketing messages. This example teaches how to form an emotional connection with customers, and in turn, cultivate relationships with them.

Sinek says “The goal isn’t to get people to buy from you because they need what you have, the goal is to get people to buy from you because they believe what you believe.”

The outer circle is the “What” of what we do. At Crossroads, this would be answering customer service calls and delivering solutions, securely hosting client data or protecting sensitive information with passwords or firewalls. The next inner circle is the “How” of what we do. This could be described as our employee’s exceptional training and skills or the high end technology solutions we utilize. The inner circle, and the apex of Sinek’s presentation, is the “Why”. Sinek draws a correlation between companies who fail and not being able to clearly define their own “Why”. For us, the “Why” is the center of our engagements: it is the reason we use only the best of people, products and processes. We consistently administer both intelligent and high end solutions.

When contracting with Crossroads, our clients receive nothing but the best. We only offer the best products to complement our services. Administering the best equipment and services ensures clients that they are receiving the highest quality solutions. We partner with and form alliances with the best product vendors. For example, we use Cisco for all telephone operations; we use the best and most efficient versions of Windows for our clients. Our exceptional product standards give us the opportunity to include only the best and most technologically advanced equipment and products in our service level agreements and contracts.

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